Baby on Board

Although I am fully aware that no one really reads this blog, I thought it would be fun to start documenting my pregnancy. Yes, Phil and me are going to be having a baby! My little tummy is slowly expanding to make room for the tiny shrimp inside. The shrimpy is almost 21 weeks old and weighs about half a pound. Everyone keeps asking us if we are going to find out what the shrimp is, but we have decided to wait till the big day. I know, I know, how silly of us, but what can we say, we like surprises. No intuitions yet, but I am ready for a sign.


  1. Well, I do look at this every now and then. It is on my favorites. Very cute and exciting. See you in Overland Park soon.

    Love, Dad

    Go Jayhawks.

  2. No one ever reads this blog?!? Well, I just found it tonight, but here's a heads up...I plan on reading it!