Asian Cabbage Rollsssss

i think I have finally gotten a handle on how to shop for groceries. it's all about planning. pick out some meals that you will make over the week, especially ones that will allow for leftovers, and then buy the ingredients. perhaps I am years behind in realizing how this is the best and only way to shop, but regardless, i have figured it out.

this week i bought supplies for a yummy black bean and chickpea chili and asian cabbage rolls. the chili was made on tuesday night and then we had it for lunch on wednesday. the cabbage rolls were made on thursday and did were devoured. they were rather small. we ate them whilst watching the lord of the rings. phil has never seen them all the way through. you'd have thought this
would have been a pre-requisite for me in order to marry the man. the cabbage rolls were found on whole living, along with the chili. there is a whole host of yummy food that is relatively low in calories. because it is so cold outside, i feel as though i should be eating loads of carbs and consuming calories to stay warm. this site offers some of these comforts, but without the drawback of a double chin.

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