planning for the spring

many things to plan for this spring.
2 weddings
2 wedding showers

first on the list is a wedding shower in march, that will be on the spring equinox. looking around the internet i have stumbled onto a world of blogs and websites that was unbek
nownst to me. i was looking for inspiration for the invitations and i am left with not only that, but much more!
http://www.darlingdexter.com/ ---> cute blog with great ideas and photos. what my blog desires to be
http://www.twobrunettesshop.com/ ---> the love birds had me.

how cute are these? i would love to make invitations similar to these! i found them on Oh So Beautiful Paper. then I clicked on the DIY section which led me to these invitations. ellie out of north carolina, runs her own little stationary shop and produces all things cute and beautiful. It makes me want to have my own shop in town, very risky, but it is something this town is lacking.

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