What's it gonna be?

As the pregnancy journey keeps rolling on, I've been told by a few friends some of the wives tales that they've heard about determining the sex of the baby. Phil and me decided, and he has enforced (I'm a weakling), that we will have a surprise baby. Here I've compiled a list of some of favorite baby gender finder outers.

Chinese Chart: Enter conception date (sort of guessed at this one), and then birth date and voila....according to them (whoever "them" is) I am having a girl.

Sweet or Sour:They say that if you want icecream and chocolate all the time, then it is a girl. But if you want salty or sour things, then you got yourself a boy. This one is tricky for me. I really really like candy, but I've always liked candy. Plus, a couple of weeks ago I wanted salt and vinegar chips bad. However, I was contemplating skipping dinner last night and going straight to the dessert. Girl or boy?

Acne: Now I feel like this is totally unfair. Apparently, if you are breaking out then you blame it on the girl. I haven't had an old zitto in a long time, so I guess this one points to boy.

Morning Sickness: Again, why does the bad stuff have to be associated with girls. This one says that if you were really sick during your first trimester or still are then you are having a girl. If not, then you've got a little man in there. Boy again.

Heartbeat: I guess if the babies heartbeat is 140+ then that means you are having a girl. If the heartbeat is below 140, then it is all boy. I've forgotten how fast our little ones heart was going, but we go next Monday, so I'll remember this time!

Even and odd: Mayans did this one. First you look at mom's age at the time of conception (26) then you look at the year of conception (2010). If both are even or odd, then girl, if you've got one of each, then boy. Hmmm...girl again.

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