28 weeks

28 weeks! Wowza. I can't believe that I am in the third trimester. It really seems like it was just yesterday that I saw that little plus sign. I remember thinking back in September that it "just doesn't feel real." Well, the realness is here and I am reminded daily by little kicks and squirms inside. Now that is crazy. And here are some pictures to prove that I am growing a little shrimp, although I am far from shrimpy. After two tries outside, we got it right. I realized that as I get bigger it is imperative to get the whole body shot. Cutting off my legs makes me look, well, "wide." I mean, I know that's what is happening, but whoa we had a few that were just not so good. These are much better.

Perhaps I should I also write a blurb about what I am wearing, because well, I like this outfit.
- Striped tee from the GAP. I bought it as an XL and decided it would make a perfect tunic. It was on sale for 12.99, but GAP had a ridiculous sale, take 50% off of sale items. Holy cow!
- Tank Top by Kate Boggiano
- Leggings from Old Navy. Maternity ones at that.
- Boots by Bandolino.

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  1. You are too freakin' cute! Can't wait to see and hear more about the little shrimp.

    PS- I'm not sure why Whitney's name pops up with mine. I think it's because of a previous technology class. Oh well, I'm sure she agrees with the comment above. I'll approve this message for her!