coming up on 30 weeks

It was Super Bowl Sunday today and that means lots of chips and dips. My fave. I think the baby is digging on the goodies as well. It was quite a weekend, besides eating lots of dip. Phil and I actually ventured out of the house. We attended the Love Garden's 21st Birthday party at...gasp...a bar. I sat on a stool, had my water and let the baby talk commence. It wasn't as if I was looking to gab about baby, but it just sort of happened that way. Anyways, it was fun and much needed after the afternoon we had. Saturday following my pre-natal water aerobics class (which is awesome and a hoot, 10 pregnant ladies "jogging" in water), we went to KC to hunt for a changing table. I'm looking for a dresser or something like that, which can be used as a table. 4 stores later and several wrong turns, we ended up.....empty handed. Bummertown. I'm sure we will find something, but I just wanted it right then and there!

I am practicing my mad football posing skills. I'd say I have a future.

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  1. Getting close. I told you I look in every now and then. I see Valee is following too.

    see you on Feb. 18.