The lady at Macy's has spoken

It was St. Patrick's Day today and I ventured out to watch the parade. Oh the outfits and merriment. Seriously though, the outfits were incredible. People watching at its best. After the parade I headed down to the "Replay" with my friend Katie and her buddy. Then it was water and sitting on a stool for me. It was quite fun, regardless of the fact that I was incredibly sober. But hey, I got my new tank top on, skinny jeans, big belly, good friends, and gorgeous weather. That is enough for me.

Regarding the lady at Macy's, well yesterday my mom and me went to the mall. The lady that checked us out, who also happened to be Asian and old, made a prediction about the baby. She said boy. All I know is that you always trust the old Asian lady, especially if she works at Macy's. Well, that last part I'm not sure about, but why would Macy's hire a liar.

Louise and me checking out the world.

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