Nursery in progress

Here we are with only 6 weeks left! Yowza. Today after the special event, Grandma CC came over (that is my mom and that is what we have decided she will be called) came over to work her magic on the nursery. I should have taken a before photo, because the room was seriously lacking the baby mojo that nurseries need. Now the room has got it going on! It was so fun to fill the little bean's room with all the goodies that friends and family have graced us with. Really, this baby has no idea the kind of love that people are just bursting to share, not just by Phil and me, but by a whole world of people that can't wait to meet him or her.

Phil and me worked on this dresser over fall and finally feel like it has it's place in the room.

Garlands, quilts, animals, and robots, that's what little babies rooms are made of.

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