Olive May Mitchell has arrived

Our little bean has entered the world!

I woke up Saturday morning at 3 am and I knew something was different, let's just say that the "levee had broken." However, I had no contractions and felt nothing. I woke Phil up and told him that I was pretty sure that my water had broken. We immediately went into "well, what do we do now" mode. I couldn't really go back to sleep, but I also didn't want to go to the hospital quite yet. I thought maybe contractions would start soon. Eventually I fell back asleep and woke up around 5:30 feeling like we should do something. I called the doctor's office knowing that I would not get to speak to my doctor, but at least I would get an answer from a someone! The doctor on call told me to walk around some and see if I felt a "trickle." At this point being in the house was just making me nervous, so I took the dog on a walk around the block. During the walk I for sure felt a trickle. When Louise and me got back to the house I decided that I would take a shower and get ready to go to the hospital, but still wait it out a bit. Phil woke up and he got ready also. Here's where we just sort of got silly. I had the bright idea to go to the farmer's market. I mean, what the heck right, I had no contractions. So, we went downtown and strolled around bumping into some of our friends. It was pretty funny, because people kept asking us our due date again and we would reply, "funny you should ask, because her/my water broke this morning." After the farmer's market we walked by 715 and we ran into our nurse from the doctor's office. This was perfect, because we still hadn't really figured out if it was time to go to the hospital yet. Our nurse, who is the nicest lady ever, looked at us like we were two of the biggest idiots ever! She told us we needed to get to the doctor's and make sure that yes indeed my water had broken and then get our butts to the hospital. We did just that.

The doctor sent us over to the hospital after the visit and we arrived there at around 11:30 AM. I was hooked up to fluids and it was decided that I would be getting Pitocin to start the contractions. We brought Season 2 of Arrested Development and watched some of that while we waited for things to kick in. Meanwhile, I'm thinking, "holy crap, I'm going to have this baby today."

A couple of episodes later and "Anchor Man," on the T.V. things started to get hairy. I would say that around 4:30 PM I really started to "feel" like I was in labor. The contractions were starting to get serious. The nurses were great and although I had to be hooked up, they were still great about letting me get up and use the birthing ball and other techniques that we learned about in childbirth class.

At around 6 PM I remember looking at the clock and thinking that time was moving very slow. However, before I knew it 8 PM was here and I was 9 cm dialated. Our doctor showed up around then and at that point it was almost go time. It took a while to get past that 9 cm and the doctor had to help me push past it. Finally I was at 10 cm and in less than thirty minutes I would be meeting our baby.

Phil was on my left and he was so encouraging. He kept telling me that I could do it, even when I felt like I just couldn't. One of the craziest things about labor is the noise. I never thought that I would make the noises that I did, but boy howdy did I. I have no idea how you couldn't make noise. Well, out of the noise and the pain, our baby girl was born at 8:55. After 9 months of being inside of me, out she came perfectly perfect in every way. Olive May Mitchell has arrived!

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