It's hard to believe that little Olive has been out in the open air for over 5 weeks now! We are adjusting to life with our little bean and she is adjusting to us as well. From what I can tell I think she likes us and will be sticking it out while we try get a hold of this parenting thing.

Phil went back to work three weeks ago and I have been left to fend for myself. It was a somewhat rough first week. I had to figure out how to get in a shower and dressed in a very short time period. You might be thinking, "is a shower really necessary?" My response is, yes. As new mommies (correct me if I'm wrong here new mommy world), but you are covered in breast milk and spit up. A shower must take place. But as the weeks have been flying by, and they really have been, my confidence has increased. Breast feeding has gotten easier and Olive has gotten on a semi-schedule too. We also have been going on walks in attempt to lose some of my baby weight. The key is to avoid downtown or places where shopping can take place. Really things are great and we love her with all our hearts. Rough patches and lack asleep aside, our daughter is a true gift.


  1. I figured you needed a comment to boost your blog ratings...we look forward to meeting Olive, see ya'll soon!!!

  2. i have no doubt in my mind that you and Phil are amazing parents to Olive. She is one lucky lady to have you two as mommy and daddy. Love you guys.