Firsts and Seconds

Olive has been having a whole bunch of firsts lately. She went to her first bridal shower, went on her first road trip, and went to her first wedding. The bridal shower was for my dear friend Lauren who is getting married in July! Wahoo! That will be Olive's third wedding. In total, Phil and me will be attending 7 weddings this summer/fall season. Wowza.

Our road trip was to Hays, KS. We got out of the house around 10 am, which I think was pretty darn good. It took us about 4 hours and some change to get there and that included an hour stop. What I think was really impressive, was that I didn't forget a single thing! Olive had enough clothes to last her a week, but I thought, better safe then sorry. Once there, we were quickly thrown into a BBQ filled evening of friends and family. Olive met her great-grandparents (Phil's mom's folks), great Aunts and Uncles, second cousins, and her Uncle Dave and Aunt Amy all the way in from Chi-town. It was quite a night for the little bean and I'm not sure who was more tired, Olive or mommy. Suffice to say, it was a lovely night and a great little trip. We left the following afternoon and the trip home was just as uneventful as the trip there, thank goodness.

As for the first wedding, I must say going to weddings is a lot different with a child in tow. Not that I look at Olive as being a "tow," but I definitely did not get down like I used to. Pre-Olive you could find me on the dance floor, white wine in hand, and miming to the song (think "I wear my sunglasses at night.") Now, I've got the little bean in my arms and she is all I can really think about. It was a lovely wedding though and it was nice to get all fancy and out of the house. We are so happy for our friends and were grateful that they invited us in the first place, because we are boring parents now. I predict though, that in the future I will be on the dance floor once again cutting a rug with husband and the little bean with sippy cup in hand.

Finally, Phil and me celebrated our second anniversary this weekend. 2 years ago on May 30th we were married and it was a wonderful night. I am so lucky to have married such a wonderful man. He has been a great husband over the past 2 years and now I get to watch him be the great father that I know he will be.

So now it is officially summer, bring on the firsts!

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