10 weeks and big news!

Olive is 10 weeks old now (how did that happen?!?) and today we are feeling like very confidant parents. I say today, because this is subject to change at any moment. For instance, I was feeling like I really had her cries down. I knew what her hungry cry was, her tired one, and so on. But recently, she has decided to make her tired and hungry sound the same. To those of you who are sans baby, this may sound incredibly lame and silly, but this has thrown me for quite a loop this past week. However, today I am feeling confidant and Olive has been a champ in other areas. She slept for 7 hours straight in her crib! Amazing! Although the hospital and childbirth classes pound it into your head, Alone, on their Back, and in their Crib, the fam was practicing co-sleeping for the first month and a half. Olive decided that she just didn't like that bassinet or crib and would prefer to sleep with/on her mom. It wasn't so bad at first, but now that we know that I have a job (more on that later!) we figured she needed to get used to sleeping alone. Gosh, saying "alone" sounds so harsh. Well anyways, she is sleeping great and so are we. Makes for a happy household.

Now, on the job...I will no longer be unemployed starting August 1st. I will be teaching Kindergarten in Lawrence at a lovely little elementary school. I am excited and scared to death about what the future holds for me, but overall I am incredibly grateful. Everyone told me that it would be hard to find a job and I agreed, but behold I have proven them wrong! So, I have been busy organizing the room and making plans for decorations and such. My mom (also Gran CC) is going to help me make some pillows for the reading corner and some curtains to cover up some shelves. I plan on having one amazing room!

Somebody has really been watching out for me and my loved ones this year. A healthy pregnancy, a healthy and beautiful baby, and now my dream job. Life is good (pardon the cheeze).

Olive at 10 weeks on a quilt that her Gran CC made her. Absolutely perfect, the quilt and baby.

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