Father's Day Festivities

Last weekend we celebrated Father's Day at the Mitchell household and let me tell you, he is one proud papa.

Phil thought he should go golfing, because isn't that what dads do? That afternoon we went downtown for lunch, Phil's pick. I'm wondering if the men out there can guess where he picked. If you guessed that local brewery with delicious food and beverages, then you are correct. Freestate. Artichoke dip, lemonade for moi, beer for him, sandwiches, fries, and a lot of love. Before we went out to lunch I also gave my sweetie a couple little presents. The man is sort of obsessed with tank-tops in the summer, so I gave him three new ones from American Apparel. One was especially special, let me explain.

Before I got my new job (Wahoo!), Phil was the sole bread-winner. It's not as if he threw this in my face in an aggravating, alpha-male sort of way, but rather it was just the truth. He thought it would be really funny to have a shirt that said "bread-winner." However, he never got the chance to make one before I got my job. Well, I decided that I would make his dream a reality AND I would put it on a tank-top. Double dream land.

In addition to the tank-tops I also got him a new cd, Willie Wright. Some good old soul music. Loves.

Hope all the fathers out there had a loverly day. We sure did.

P.S. Isn't our Olive just the cutest?!?

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