Gran's Recipe Tin

For my mom's birthday this year I decided to do something Martha Stewart-y. I bought the fabulous book, "Martha Stewart's Encylopedia of Crafts," and found many fun activities to do. One that really stood out to me, was this recipe tin. You take old recipe cards from your family, photocopy them or write them onto new paper. You then mount them on nice paper and decorate the tin. It looked relatively easy to make, and some of the stuff in the book is fairly complex, and I could use all of Gran's recipes. My Grandmother, who we called Gran, passed away a year ago and boy could she make one mean dessert. From the famous family recipe of vienartarta to lemon tarts. With the help of my dad I stole the recipes for a day and made photocopies of the old recipe cards Gran had written on. I bought some pretty paper, a tin, and some other crap that I just had to have (there's always something). Then I began the process of cutting and pasting, whew it took a long time. I had to use ribbons to tie some of the longer recipe cards together. Gran had some pretty complicated desserts.

*BTW the painfully cute girl and happy lady on the cover of the tin is me and my Gran. Best picture ever, Grandpa says so.

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